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Thank You

On January 31 Buffalo Country will end. For Mustang sports go to http://jeffplace.com For those of us that love this music, this is a vary sad day. Do to the new music licensing agreement that began at the first of the year I will no longer be able to pay the music rights fees. So for […]

Music Memories


There are a few things you can ask almost anyone, and they will not have to think about their answer. Questions like, what was your first vehicle? In my case a 1967 Ford pickup, it is still sitting in my field. Who was the first boy or girl that you had a crush on? I […]

why the music

If you have listened to the music we play on Buffalo Country, then you likely already appreciate what I call a “practical form of music”. I call it “practical music” because any feeling, emotion, or idea can be easily conveyed.  A story can be told, such has Tom T, Hall, “The Homecoming”, or Kenny Rogers, “Coward of […]